Beetlejuice's Revenge (Single)

by The Witch Will Die Tomorrow

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First single from the new album that will be released somewhere around late 2017-2018.
Recorded in November 2016.


released December 3, 2016

Music and lyrics by Wenzel.
Bass guitar by Alexander.
Guitar, drum programming, recording and mixing by Wenzel.
Vocals by Alexander and Wenzel.
Cover image by Sea of Silence




The Witch Will Die Tomorrow Chelyabinsk, Russia

The first and only one old school independent goth punk/post punk band at South Ural.

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Track Name: Beetlejuice's Revenge
I have no will to haul this burden anymore
When I was looking for salvation
Only hesitance and void I found
So don't you care to hold me down

I have no will to haul this burden anymore
'cause only hesitance and void I found
Now I'm looking for salvation
So don't you dare to hold me down


I was looking for salvation, only for alleviation
Only hesitance and void I found
Now I'm trying to break free and crucify my enemy
Don't you dare to try and hold me down

Kill the old and sink the past, all your dreams have turned to dust
Other witches are forever gone
Say goodbye to ma chérie, decapitate her family
In the end you're rotten to the bone

If only I knew before how there's much to standing for
Then I would run like hell far away
Won't allow you to come close, enough close to taste your rose
Was it worth it? Just led me astray

Well you make me hate myself among the books on a shelf
To become I had who I am now (through blue fire)
But I won't commit suicide, well at least just not tonight
Lesson is learned, now it's your time to die!


We have no will to haul this burden anymore
We were looking for salvation
But only hesitance and void we've found
So don't you care to hold us down
Track Name: Skies of November (Live Rehearsal)
somewhere on the cross of roads
we led us astray, headlights went out.
we were laughing, but scared,
we were fallen about it.

and we wanted to get far
away from this haven of snakes.
the script of night we are not able
to read. it's in the cradle.

lo, behold, we are already
tearing through rivers and towns.
void and cold and lonesome ones;
it's time to stop running around.
and we finally took this trip
one afternoon in autumn.
our feet, touching the mountain peak;
let's take this train or this big ship.
and we sleep next to each other,
hand in hand, and from now on
I smile at the grey November skies.

so we are taking time.
Track Name: The Color of Dusk (Live Rehearsal)
Intensive silence was roaring
We've heard far-off shouts
Few times we answered them
But everytime we just waste us out

Pink color of dusk is gone
Violets of twilight took all
Crying of silence was just like waves of pearl
Could I break off with my call?

Mountains are just a space
And space is just an illusion.