Violet of Twilight

by The Witch Will Die Tomorrow

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    Our debut album released by Bat-Cave Prod., Poland. All original tracklisting and two bonus tracks. first is the song from the time when we were called «I'm Jim Morrison, I'm Dead», off the release "This is Not What I Expected", enhanced, recomposed & re-recorded with the all new sound. Second bonus track is the absolute new and original song that never was released before, composed by us especially for this CD.
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Our Goth Punk/Post Punk debut. Hope you all will enjoy.


released January 30, 2016

Music, lyrics & vocals by Alexander & Wenzel.
Guitars by Wenzel.
Bass by Alexander.
Backing vocals by Wenzel.
Cover photo by Caroline Vargas.
Design by Wenzel.




The Witch Will Die Tomorrow Chelyabinsk, Russia

The first and only one old school independent goth punk/post punk band at South Ural.

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Track Name: In the Violet of Twilight...
Track Name: Black Stick of Trees
last days of leaving summer
autumn always comes fast, first cold night
brains are like in lethargy, just as if numb
trees beyond the window seems enormous black sticks
trembling in the wind as if they're scared
and so animals are afraid
each in his burrow, in thin downy fur
and before the morning their blood will freeze in cracks of road asphalt

i quickly went through light and dove into the darkness
i walk on lonesome streets, hiding in thicket shadow bushes
endevour not to make a single sound, entirely silent
onto worn and scratched table lying postcard before me
varicoloured abstract pattern, blurs and bands
i take thin dip pen, letters like daggers and wings
kiss the card as if it was the very sweetest mouth on Earth
and i write nobody no one
Track Name: The Mannequins
Your face retain bad features in bright flashlight
And you dance, not knowing if you're dead or alive
Bodies twists in sounds of noise, flicker turqoise
Broken typewriter leaping over time
Doesn't matter here, sin's not mine
Feel the hot rush and melt in dusk
Among the statues and mannequins lies your task
And aren't you a mannequin too?

Mannequin's dreams, Mannequin's dreams

Venomous substances, convulsions fit
Incision of laughing mouth, eyes are morbid
Gushed lifeblood, continuing joy
The house paid for fun in their boys
Somebody performs his phantasmal bite
He is who killed Mister Moonlight
Away speeding phantasmal screams, the dreams of yours...

Mannequin's dreams, Mannequin's dreams
Track Name: Amontillado
you think you're smart, but now you won't dig out yourself from a tomb
straight from the carnival I'll bait you to the catacombs
your passion turned worse than meets the eye
it led you to the place where you'll have your day to die!

Immurement! Immurement!

no matter laugh or cry, no salvation for you
you put me down so now i put you down in charnel too
your final weep and final brick by me made your last home
i'm happy just to see how badly rot your bones!

Immurement! Immurement!
Track Name: Useless Torment
the car is beside the house. but the house remains dark
on the street it's already gloom but dim light of moon illumine the clouds...
in the nighttime heavy rain took our town
at morning the weather is spoiled and sky is filled with leaden clouds

last greens are dried up and withered under the cork of ice
old man starting to clean his hearth from the ash,
there will be no warmth anymore

this day was so bleak and grey, sleepy and slack and tired of the silence
my hair are out of my hat, pale and cold it's whipping my face

cold wind striking my face, icing my tears, whishing in ears
singing slowly his sad and lonely song
Track Name: Treachery at Walpurgis Night
The car is rolling forward and the road is shattered cloth beneath the wheels.
Gleaming stars in mirrors, tattered clouds are backlighted by pale moon.
Walpurgis night is not best time for journey through these lands of dismay,
So the driver is nervous at the wheel.

So I made sure window's closed still.

But then my time has come, she smiled to me with her black smile
And my blood got poisoned in my veins.
I drank my potions, stopped to resist, I felt her callous tongue inside me.
So as pale violet smoke my soul is away.

Track Name: Torquemada's Dream
Soon here will be so smokily, we will cremate your sorrow!
'Cause Tomas Torquemada's dream is witch to die tomorrow!
But not enough patience to wait, no sand to borrow,
He will inflame bodies today and hell is lose to follow!

The other witch will die tomorrow
And this witch will die today!
This witch will die today,
And other witch will die tomorrow!

Sitting in dark place alone, so sick of hatred,
Craving to burn witches left, philopophize it's fated.
Sins of yours grown too bad, jury cannot ignore them,
So dead will dance on your remains to celebrate this salem!

So burn all your fires, burn, let these flames go higher!
'Cause Tomas Torquemada's dream is set this witch on fire!
So she will die here today, other will die tomorrow!
Steal her soul to swallow!

The other witch will die tomorrow
And this witch will die today!
This witch will die today,
And other witch will die tomorrow!
Track Name: Hard to Keep Company
Coins hit the floor so ringing from your gaving hand, you're staring at your palm
And by the moment you turn and walk away somewhere
I'd like to call you back or chase or say goodbye again
But I have nothing to say and I just stare at fallen coins like dreary iron stars
You're going easy and straight and hiding beyond the turn, so I'm alone
And at the end of this day, this summer day, this neverending play has led us astray
Trains rumbling over my head and cars are rushing beside, passing me by
And leaving here puffs of dust, high above the ground, they wrap around me and fly to the sky, oh to the sky
Track Name: The Color of Dusk
Intensive silence was roaring
We've heard far-off shouts
Few times we answered them
But everytime we just waste us out

Pink color of dusk is gone
Violets of twilight took all
Crying of silence was just like waves of pearl
Could I break off with my call?

Mountains are just a space
And space is just an illusion.
Track Name: Fairy Tale (Radio Avalon cover)
It's like you're walking on sunny day
Like you're feeling yourself in a fairytale
Like you've got many words to say
Like this thing is only you should care

The thing that you should care

Many reasons to love and feel
Many reasons for fiery passion play
Many reasons to think it's real
But somehow you are always slip away

Why you are always slip away?

Every your woman is a heartbreak
You're always have to make believe
Because your feeling is a mistake
And Love is just a wide decieve

You are just walking in the shadows
Among the strange and sacred love,
Among the snowdrifts and gallows
With snow falling from above